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Amicus Attorney

With Amicus Attorney on your team, you will be able to provide better service to clients with information at your fingertips with regard to each matter that your office handles. With the right implementation, training, and customization, your purchase of Amicus Attorney will pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

Amicus Assembly
Amicus Assembly is quick, powerful, and east-to-use. It transforms existing data into documents instantly. It allows for instant pdf documents, drafting multiple documents, intelligent authoring, and allows you to create and use different templates. Save time and money with Superior Document Generation Functionality.

ESI-Law sets the standard for law practice timekeeping, billing, accounting and management reporting software. ESI-Law lets you serve clients more professionally, increase your revenues, decrease your costs, and gives you back much of the time previously spent on tedious bookkeeping. Plus since both billing and accounting are integrated into one system, you will save time and money by not repeating tasks in more than one software system.

The most popular document and e-mail management system on the market. Worldox provides a framework for the logical and systematic organization, storage and retrieval of all your documents. Worldox lets you can stop worrying about where your documents are, and instead, focus on what they say.

Print Audit 4
The most comprehensive print tracking and auditing software from the industry leader in Print Management Solutions. Whether you want to charge your clients for printing or lower printing costs, Print Audit 4 is the perfect tool.