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The right services will make your office function more efficiently. We offer both group (on site and off site) and individual training on all of our products!

Evaluation of Systems: Loi-giciel will come to you and evaluate your present systems and offer recommendations. Technology is forever changing and sometimes it can become difficult to stay up to date. Let us come to your office and discuss your needs. We will provide you with a written proposal that outlines your existing system and our recommendations so that you can be ready for the future.

Data conversion: Insure that the data from your old system is properly imported into your new system. Save your time and effort by having us convert your existing data quickly and efficiently.

Training: the best way to efficiently learn how to maximize your software investment. Quickly learn what it takes to become more productive and capture more billable time. We will help you develop the right training schedule that meets your needs.

Customization: Making the software suit you. Whether its setting up templates, customizing invoices or streamlining the processes to what you need, system customization makes sure it fits your needs best.